Stress is damaging our oral health

Grinding. Clenching. Chomping. No more.

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We live in anxious times. A recent ADA survey found that more than 70% of dentists are seeing an increase in patients grinding and clenching. More people are cracking teeth, waking up with headaches, and experiencing jaw pain.

But 3D printing with #protectasmile can help you provide a new level of care to your patients, delivering more night guards to those who need them.

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Stress Bites

A recent ADA survey confirmed that parafunctional sleep issues are on the rise among dental patients.

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70% of dentists reported an increase in patients grinding and clenching.
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Cracked Teeth

60% of dentists reported an increase in cracked teeth and TMD issues.
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Interrupted Sleep

These parafunctional habits exacerbate existing sleep issues caused by stress.

Familiar Signs

Every day, patients that could benefit from a night guard walk into our practices and clinics.


The Bruxer

My symptoms

Grinding | Jaw Pain | Sensitive Teeth
The bruxer doesn’t realize it, but they’re grinding, chomping, and scraping away at their enamel while they sleep. A night guard can help protect them from tooth fracture, jaw pain, and more.

The Drowser

My symptoms

Headaches | Poor Sleep | Jaw Pain
The drowser doesn’t know why they’re always so tired, but you see the signs. A night guard can help them sleep more soundly by helping relax their jaw, giving them brighter mornings.

The Investor

I have

Veneers | Implants | Crowns
Investors have spent thousands on aesthetic or restorative operations. A night guard helps them protect the delicate results of those complex procedures.

Traditional Production Methods Are Letting Us Down

Traditional methods for night guard production can take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars. These long lead times and high costs get passed on to patients, making them less likely to accept treatment.

Night Guard Delivery Time
1 HR
3D Printed
7 Days
Traditional Lab
Night Guard Cost
3D Printed
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Traditional Lab


Night guards are a simple, effective treatment for occlusal issues. And with in-office fabrication technology like 3D printing, they’ve never been most cost-effective and easy.

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