The Best Warranty in 3D Printing

SprintRay ProTection

A warranty plan that covers your entire ecosystem and allows you to upgrade to the latest technology. 


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How does the ProTection Plan work?

What does ProTection cover?

ProTection covers all of your 3D printing hardware. It drastically reduces downtime by allowing SprintRay to send you a functioning replacement unit before you return the service unit to us. All major hardware units are covered under ProTection and are eligible for replacement: Pro Wash/Dry, ProCure, and the Pro 3D printer. 


The plan value can also be used to pay for repairs or other costs that fall outside of your warranty plan.

How much does it cost?

The ProTection Plan costs $895 annually. It can be purchased upfront or billed monthly. The ProTection Plan auto-renews every 12 months. 

When can I purchase ProTection?

Customers who purchase a new 3D printer have 30 days from their date of purchase to add ProTection coverage.

How does the hardware replacement work?

When you experience an issue diagnosed by Customer Support to be an issue covered by ProTection, our team will collect your information and signature, then ship out a replacement unit within 72 hours. This coverage extends to the Pro 3D printers, Pro Wash/Dry, and ProCure

What is the upgrade?

12 or 24 months (for a detailed timeline, see below) after plan registration, you can put the remaining value left on your ProTection Plan toward the purchase of a new 3D printer. Once you receive your new printer, you’ll have 30 days to return your old printer to SprintRay. 

How much money will I get toward an upgrade?

In addition to using the money for an upgrade, the value invested in ProTection can also be deducted for hardware repairs that fall outside of the coverage included in your warranty. 


If, for example, you spill resin inside your 3D printer, we’ll deduct the cost of repairs from your upgrade balance. When it’s time to upgrade, we’ll calculate your Upgrade Value based on the total investment minus repair or other deductions from your total.


The maximum amount that can be used toward an upgrade is $1790.

When can I upgrade?

There are two upgrade windows with ProTection, each lasting 30 days:

Window 1: The first 30-day window occurs twelve (12) months after the date of registration of the 3D printer.

Window 2: The second 30-day window occurs twenty-four (24) months after the date of registration of the 3D printer.